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10 November 2010 @ 12:22 am
Finally, my Asylum 5 con report.  

One word: epic. Asylum 5 was epic. Despite some organization fuck-ups, I must say Rogue Events gave me a more pleasant experience than I was expecting. :) I might even volunteer helping for some future events.

I met a whole bunch of awesome people, some of whom I knew from twitter and tumblr, some of them completely new, and I love you all guys and this whole fandom and we are all just AWESOME. I loved all the guests, even those I didn’t expect to because they weren’t exactly my favourite characters. Jake was really really sweet, although I’d still prefer to have Richard at the con, but it’s alright, Imma see him at Jus In Bello 2 if he doesn’t cancel last moment again! *fingers crossed* Aldis and Fred totally won my heart over, Julie was really nice and beautiful as always, and do I need to say anything about Misha or Mark, do I really need to? :)

So, I met Justin Hill at the airport on Thursday morning and as soon as we checked in to the hotel we went to see Birmingham, where apparently there’s nothing to see. TBH, not a town I’d love living in. Even the road from our hotel to Hilton around the lake was covered in some bird shit which made every journey like walking through a minefield. Anyway, we ended up buying some food and getting back to the hotel. We couldn’t find a turnip for Misha. :( Found a swede, which apparently isn’t the same thing. Oh well.

We had a hotel party and watched some random stupid British cartoons which I never watch at home, I must say I weep for the generation that grows on those kind of TV programmes. Then we went to bed, all excited about the next day.

Turns out Friday was nothing to be excited about, 90% of the day was spent trying to get in registration queue which they wouldn’t let you in cuz “IT’S NOT YOUR GROUP’S TURN YET!”. Met dametokillforcamuizuuki and MJ_on at the hotel though and hils_k on our way to the airport and sometimesiwonderif at the bar later, so was really happy to see them. :D

The Guys&Dolls party was quite lame at the beginning, but turned out awesome as they started playing all the Supernatural songs including Eye of the Tiger, Carry On, Highway to Hell etc. :D I don’t know how I managed to stay alive through the end but when I got back home I needed a hot bath for my legs cuz they weren’t functioning.

Next day we had to wake up at 6 cuz we wanted to be in the queue for buying coffee lounges as early as possible. We got there at 7 and there were about 15 people in front of us already. Met marchia43 at the end of the queue and got some Friday episode spoilers, ohmygod I can’t wait to see it now. The ticket office opened at 8 and I got myself 2 Misha lounges and 1 Mark. :) Then I wasted a fuckload of money on posters, mugs, keychains and buttons.

The opening ceremony was amazing. All the guests really have some awesome chemistry together even if they only met on that day. :D I’m not going to write everything about the panels now, I’ve seen some people with laptops making notes so I am sure there’s already a ton of reports online. But I really LOL’d at Misha’s story about his first Halloween costume that his mom made, which was a turtle, and to wear it he actually had to crawl on all fours and was “fucking miserable”. And at how Aldis was trying to teach Misha to be black, but Misha deliberately kept saying "what is up people" instead of "sup people". I also gotta mention that the fans now have a magical phrase for the Supernatural cast: “YOU PROMISED.” Thanks, Aldis. We can get away with everything now. xDDD

After that there was Misha’s coffee lounge. Misha looked gorgeous in that shiny shirt (is that silk? IDEK) and if someone remembers my tweet that “Misha’s nips are totally perkier than Jensen”, well, that’s another reason why I fell in love with this shirt. It left NOTHING to imagination. xDDDDD I don’t even remember most of the stuff everyone was talking about cuz I was busy admiring the Misha gorgeousness a few feet away. Oh and tracy_loo_who was there and I might have fangirled a bit (okay, a lot) silently.

Also, Misha totally ships Dean/Cas. Not that we haven’t known that before, but still. We were talking about whether Dean still has Castiel’s handprint on his shoulder and somebody asked about Dean’s dream in 6x02 where he doesn’t have it, and I quote Misha’s answer, “Apparently you don’t have sex dreams about your wife”. Castiel = Dean’s wife. Misha = made of win.

Misha also said there is another “breaking the fourth wall” episode coming up where they don't just jump the shark, they “do somersaults over it”. I’m excited and a little scared. 

Misha’s photoshoot was next. Me and Justin had a picture each and one together. We got Misha to wear a Russian hat and doesn’t it suit him SFM? Okay, who am I kidding, this is Misha, you could wrap him in garbage bags and he’d still look amazing. Also, Misha, if you don’t stop attempting to reply to everything I say with a showoff of your Russian skills, I’ll just give up on speaking English to you at all. :)))))

I think I love Justin’s pic more than mine.

Look at that beauty, staring right at ya. Look at it. SHH JUST COME.

Misha’s panel was up next and of course it was hilarious as usual. :D Apart from some insane fan who said she actually liked Karla and kept on trying to get Misha to talk about the movie, FFS, I was dying of second hand embarrassment and was really glad when she got the fuck away after occupying the mic for a whole 5 minutes cuz, ungh. Not cool. She came up to apologize to Misha at the panel the next day but Misha said he still hated her. And you could tell he was half serious.

Anyways, the rest of the panel was hilarious, especially Misha’s story about the Santa Con. I honestly love how he’s absolutely comfortable telling us embarrassing stories from his life. Most people wouldn’t even talk about it among their friends. Oh Misha.

He was also debating on whether angels exist as particles or waves, and told us that Castiel’s four faces are a lamb, a monkey, a zebra and a cat. The monkey and the cat sometimes fight which is why Castiel always looks so uptight, it’s just difficult for him to keep things together. Misha, how do you randomly pull things like that outa your ass and make us all laugh our heads off?! 

We got Fred’s and Aldis’ autographs as well, then went to Jake and Julie’s panel, and then had some lunch at the airport.

After lunch things got a bit more quiet. First there was Fred's and Aldis' panels.

I fell a little bit in love with Fred so I bought a photo op with him too. :)

Then we went to get Julie's, Jake’s and Misha’s autographs. I got Julie to sign our picture from Collectormania and she was like, wow, look at those two redheads, amazing! xD We got a whole bunch of gifts for Misha, including the cards from the fans that were to congratulate him on the birth of West and a bag of candies and a Cheburashka toy for the kid which was meant to sing if you press a button on its arm. And Misha pressed it and something cracked inside and he was afraid he broke it. xDDD Fuck, he has strong hands! We got it to sing in the end but Misha couldn’t make out a word and kept asking, “shto?!” (what?) xD Then he signed our picture from Jus In Bello, smiled and winked at me. Oh my god, this man cannot get any more adorable. :)

So finally there was another panel with all guests on stage to wrap up the day. And I might have started shipping Misha/Aldis.

The Meet&Greet was probably the most epic thing of the whole convention. We got into about 5 groups of fans and the guys were walking around talking to us in turn. I was at a table with dametokillfor and hils_k. :) We got Fred first and he was really nice talking to. Then Jake and Jason came up, and that’s when all the craze started.

First our and Misha’s fan groups were competing on who can scream louder.

Then somebody threw candy at Jake and he thought it was Misha. Some candy flew back at Misha as a result. Five minutes later, it was a full on war, Misha’s group throwing candy at us and us throwing some back.

Noone was killed in the process, btw. It was fun. xDDDDD

But we realized we were doomed when we saw the look on Misha’s face when it was his turn to get to our table. He was like, “not talking to you. Ever again.” xDDDDDDD He was kidding of course. Few minutes later someone (sorry, don’t know your name) asked Misha to follow her and he was like, “okay” but he didn’t know how to do that so hils_k took his phone and did it for him and might have tweeted “Hi. There is no booze here” in the process. xDDDDD

That was hilarious. We got to talk to Aldis then and while that some fans gave Misha a “I love Justin Bieber” T-shirt which he went to put on immediately. xDDD Finally we got Julie who looked a bit scared of all the candy throwing madness that was going on around. She’s adorable. :))))

Misha/Aldis might have become my new OTP by the end of this.

Then we went to Jason’s concert which I am so glad I got a ticket to because we were sitting right in front of the stage.

And even though Jason’s music isn’t really my thing, it was the most epic gig ever, cuz after a few songs Fred took Jason’s guitar and sang a song for us!

And then – wait for it – Misha’s dad! :D I think he was a bit startled about the way we received him, screaming our heads off as if Misha was on stage himself. I hope we made a good impression on him though.

Misha came up on stage too and they were so cute singing together, omg I love this whole family, honestly.

Jason then sang a few more songs and Misha was fangirling and screaming after each one, which made us LOL so much. And yes, I might ship Misha/Jason now too.

Finally all our guests got on stage to sing together. EPIC. :D

The Halloween party was pretty cool, although I wasn’t feeling very well cuz I got food poisoning or something like that. :( I still managed to dance for a couple of hours.

Wasn’t feeling too good the next day either, but that didn’t stop me from having a good time. Went to another Misha coffee lounge for which Misha was late and probably as hungover as half of us there. xD He was gorgeous though, I don’t know, was that the same costume he was wearing for the season 6 promos? In any case, it looks brilliant. Misha’s dad joined us sometime later and he told us the story of Misha’s name, which we already knew but it was fun to hear from him. :D

Once again, did I mention Misha’s absolute love and devotion towards Dean/Castiel? First he said that Cas got a haircut because he wanted Dean to notice, then he said Dean should take Castiel for clothes shopping, Sex in the City style. THIS IS A FANFIC PROMPT, PEOPLE. GET TO WRITING.

Also I wanna point out how Misha is absolutely fucking amazing and the funny thing is, I still don’t think he realizes that. Someone asked him a question during the coffee lounge, which sounded sth like “Have you always been so laid back?” and he was like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” At first I thought he was just messing with us, as usual, but looking closely, he seemed genuinly confused by the question. So somebody said “Well you know, easy to talk to”. Then there was an awkward pause when he seemed to be thinking real hard about it and then he just shrugged and was like, “I don’t know.”

He didn’t look smug or anything, like “I don’t know, I was just born awesome”, he was actually puzzled by the question. What made me even more certain that he wasn’t messing with us however was my brief conversation with him earlier, during Jus In Bello, when I told him that I’m translating his tweets for the Russian fans who don’t understand English and posting them on my blog. And he was like, “No shit! Really? Why?” - ”Because they are awesome and funny. Why is this so surprising to you?”, to which he answered that it still feels very “surreal” to be sitting at home in LA and coming up with some random shit that may or may not be funny, tweeting it and having the whole world read and even translate it within minutes.

Anyway, back to Asylum. After the coffee lounge I had a photo shoot with Mark, who is a really sweet guy and I’m sad I missed his panel but oh well, it was Misha’s coffee lounge after all. You can tell I was kinda dying at that point by the photo where I'm almost hanging on to Mark. 

I went to Mark’s coffee lounge as well though, which was really interesting and I kinda liked it even more than Misha’s, because Misha’s was mostly asking questions that have already been asked on panels a million other times, while Mark was talking about all kinds of TV shows he was in, we talked about the changing patterns of TV viewing and how crappy it is that most American networks do not realize the fan potential beyond USA. I hope someone has a more comprehensive report of this talk, it was quite interesting. :) He's such a geek, I love him.

Mark's and Aldis' panel was next but it was mostly about Leverage which I still haven't seen so I was kinda bored. But I took pictures.

Then I had my Misha&Mark photo op! :D Crowley's after me and I'm hiding behing Cas. At least that's what I told them to do.

By lunch my poisoning kicked in again so I ended up missing Aldis' panel and just sitting in the bar trying not to die. I also broke my camera, ugh. Yeh, it was not the best part of my day. I got more or less alive by Jake’s panel so I went there. Apparently Aldis had run to the microphones and hugged everyone who asked him a question during his panel, so poor Jake was forced to do the same. It was really sweet. :D He’s also an awesome boombox.

Finally I got Mark’s autograph and there was Misha’s panel which was probably the best panel ever cuz I was sitting on the 2nd row and had an awesome view at Misha (WHY DID MY CAM HAVE TO BREAK RIGHT BEFORE THAT?!), and tons of cool stuff happened on it. :D Misha talked about the stripper club in Australia that Rob told some fans about earlier; he talked about West being a “Rubik’s cube” for him and how fun it is to be a dad despite the “overwhelming amount of shit”. He reinforced his reputation as a D/C shipper by saying there should be an episode about Cas coming out to Dean as gay, which must totally be the case since he didn’t get laid in 2000 years – he was just “looking in all the wrong places”. As if that’s not gay enough, Misha suggested Castiel’s theme tune should be My Little Pony.

Then somebody asked how his night with the Queen was and somebody else mentioned Mark’s quote from the coffee lounge where he has said that Misha might have mistaken THE Queen for A queen. :)))))) Misha laughed and said something like, “Oh I wondered why the hell was the Queen standing on the sidewalk at that time of night? And why does she have stubble in the morning?”

He also gave away bowls of cooked turnip that turned out pretty tasty. :) And a guy proposed to a fan over the phone as he called Misha (it was probably all set up by the organizers :)), and Misha put the phone to the mic and the whole thing happened in front of the whole fandom, and Misha gave the girl a ring; to be honest, this is the best proposal I have ever seen in my life, if somebody did that to me I’d say “yes” in a heartbeat, which she did.

Finally, he said Jensen looks like a gay porn actor, which totally made my day as a Cockles shipper.

Nearly cried during the closing ceremony because, well, it’s always sad when conventions come to an end. :( The guests said they all had a really good time and they love us as a crowd. <3

I took a nap and we went to the PJ party, which was a blast. There were like 5 people on the dancefloor. So we ended up having a room party with miniwnionyns, taja_es, poisoned_rose, daemonicmuse, salyiha and a few other people I totally failed to catch names of, for which I am sorry, but if you message me I will follow you guys! SOKEHHHH IS MAINEEEE! Teddy bear porn! Fuck yeah! :D

I am totally exhausted but so so happy. Sitting at the airport now and being paranoid about every single guy that looks like Misha or Mark from the back, LOL. Miss them already and can’t wait to see them at Jus In Bello 2.

What can I say, I’m a convention addict. Because honestly, there is no fandom like this one. There is no other fandom where the fourth wall is so completely non-existant. Where the line between "fans" and "celebrity guests" is totally blurred. Where actors wear stuff given to them by fans and on their part offer the fans some candy. Where coffee lounges feel like a comfy family breakfast and meet&greets turn into giant playgrounds. Where concerts look more like a bunch of scouts around a campfire. Where actors are comfortable enough introducing their parents, girlfriends and boyfriends to the fans and they are all welcomed with joy. Where fans propose to each other on stage and eat cooked turnips prepared by one of the guests.  

Supernatural fandom, I love you. With all my heart.

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pengi_rullzpengi_rullz on November 10th, 2010 11:37 am (UTC)
Классные фотки <3 читала отчет на паре, он скрасил мое международное право =))))))
Konsttimey_wimey_kid on November 10th, 2010 12:33 pm (UTC)
:))))) что ж еще делать на паре